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From academia to the world

Protective half mask is designed to meet all requirements for paramedics and rescuers, firefighters, and police officers. It is intended for all users who are so-called “in the first line”. The mask complies with the standard ČSN EN 140: 1999.
The P3 R particulate combined filter allows the maximum degree of protection, which corresponds to the FFP3 characteristic.

Advantages of respirators and masks

The P3 R particulate combined filter allows the maximum degree of protection to be achieved, which corresponds to the FFP3 characteristic. It is a product intended for all users who are so-called “in the first line,” such as doctors, nurses, paramedics, police, firefighters, soldiers, customs officers, but also workers in sales and operations.
The protective mask has been designed to significantly reduce the financial costs of all organizations that use these resources. The set of the whole mask is developed and manufactured in the Czech Republic, ie. it is not subject to the risks associated with the import of material from abroad. Moreover, the production supports the domestic economy.

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Technical Specification


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• Storage time: >10 years
• Warranty period: maximum 100 sterilization cycles
• Certification: ČSN EN 140:1999 (with P3R filter)
• Weight: 60g
• Applicability temperature range from -10°C to +121°C

The half mask is made of highly resistant materials of polyamide PA12, TPE, and VMQ silicone.


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• Storage time: > 20 years
• Filter efficiency: > 99,9999%
• Certification: EN 143:2000
• Weight: 100g
• Threaded interface: EN 148-1 Rd 40×1/7‘‘
• Applicability temperature range from -10°C to +50°C

Highly effective protection against carcinogenic and radioactive harmful substances and pathogens such as viruses, bacteria, and fungal spores.

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Disinfection and sterilization

The half mask is disinfected in ethanol, then sterilized in an autoclave at 121 ° C and a pressure of 2 bar for 20 minutes. The filter is disinfected with common disinfectants (eg based on peracetic acid – persteril), sterilization is performed after closing the filter with plugs at temperatures up to 75 ° C. Sterilization can be repeated up to 12 times.

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Czech Development - Czech Production

The original prototype of a half mask for 3D printing was developed at the Czech Technical University in Prague, specifically at the Czech Institute of Informatics, Robotics and Cybernetics (CIIRC). Based on an exclusive license granted by CTU, our team, in cooperation with industrial partners, prepared a model of the RP95-M half mask for production on injection molding machines. Development workers from CARDAM s.r.o., BENEŠ and LÁT a.s. thus participated in the development and design solution for serial production. and other experts. Test equipment for pre-shipment inspection is being developed at the Institute of Physics of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic. We cooperate in the production of tools and their delivery is provided by the company JAN SVOBODA s.r.o. Due to the maximum acceleration of mold production, and thus the acceleration of the start of serial production of protective half masks, the work on the molds was divided among six tool shops, which worked in parallel on ten molds with a total planned capacity of about 50,000 protective half masks per week. In case of active interest in this product, the production capacity can be easily increased modularly.
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The journey of our masks begins in Cardam and ends at your door, anywhere in the world.