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We develop research and development projects in collaboration with academia

Autonomous intelligent digital twin of the globalized world: digital ontology for smart analytics, simulations, projections and decision-making


R&D project No. TL05000690 from the TAČR programme ETA is realized in years 2021 – 2023 with state support of 5,382 thou. CZK and focus on field of Social sciences, interdisciplinary.

The goal is to create and test a prototype of a digital twin of the globalised world (TWIN-GLOW) as a tool for leapfrog improvement of social science’s capacities to navigate through a fluid and ever-changing global landscape. The research consortium will, on the basis of socio-technical science, transfer experiences and benefits of the application of highly advanced computational methods in the areas of automatic, autonomous, and intelligent processing of big data, from fundamental research and the industrial application sphere onto a socio-economic, commercial and political decision-making environment.We consider the integration of speed, complexity and multidisciplinarity of the project and its launch into practice as a significant contribution to handling sudden crises like COVID-19.

Campus for System Integration Industry


Thanks to the Assistance Voucher of the City of Prague, TRIX Connections, in cooperation with partners, prepared the COMENIA project plan to create a cloud space and a European campus of artificial intelligence to connect the academic sector with the private sphere.

Further development of the RP95 protective half mask

EIT Manufacturing – TRIX-DT

Smartphone App for Customized COVID Protective Respirator Mask (SMART4Custom)

TRIX Connections succeeded in the open call of the DigTrafoRIS program of the  EIT Manufacturing, a European innovation community focused on manufacturing.

The output of the TRIX-DT project is a face-scanning smarthone app allowing for a customized selection of a suitable seal size for the RP95 protective half mask. 

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The journey of our masks begins in Cardam and ends at your door, anywhere in the world.