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The RP95 protective half mask is designed to meet all requirements for paramedics, rescuers, firefighters and police officers. It is intended for all users who are so-called “in the first line”. It has obtained full CE certification (ČSN EN 140: 1999). The P3 R particle filter allows the maximum degree of protection to be achieved, which corresponds to the FFP3 characteristic.

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Automatic, contactless, disinfection gate with an intelligent system for measuring temperature and disinfecting people. The only device that meets European Union standards providing effective protection against viruses and bacteria: steam aerosols kill 100% of viruses and bacteria, including the Covid-19 virus.

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We connect universities with industry. We motivate young talents to use their ideas and turn knowledge into a product. We provide services in the field of business development and innovation management, including all aspects of technology transfer from the academic environment to practice.

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We develop artificial intelligence. We use a wide range of machine learning methods to automate complex processes in industry and services. We suitably complement human intuition and individual experience with artificial intelligence.

uvozovkyFrom the beginning, the goal was to create a complete professional product as quickly as possible that would be fully functional and meet strict standards. Our intention was to contribute to solving the current crisis situation. We have achieved success thanks to the extraordinary commitment of a team of top scientists, technological equipment, but also an inventive approach to problem solving.uvozovky dole

Vladimír Mařík
Scientific Director, CIIRC CTU

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