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4. Restart & reset device

Restarting the device

It might be needed to restart the device to apply some changes; in such cases, there are two options:

  • Log into the router interface, and under System -> Reboot, press the reboot button.
  • Disconnect the router from its power supply for five seconds and plug it back in.

Resetting the device to factory settings

To reset the device to factory settings, perform the following steps:

1. Restart the device, either in the web interface or by disconnecting and connecting the power supply.

2. While the device is booting, as indicated by the blinking PWR LED, rotate the device so that the side with the printed information (printed side) faces downward.

5G IIOT GW render 4

3. Once the device finishes booting, indicated by the continuous illumination of the PWR LED, a beeping sound should follow after approximately three seconds to indicate the start of the reset sequence.

4. Following the beep sound, promptly rotate the device so that the side with the antennas connections (antenna side) faces downward. Another beep should occur approximately three seconds later.

5G IIOT GW render 5

5. After the beep, promptly return the device back down to its original position with the printed side facing downward and wait for another beep.

5G IIOT GW render 4

6. After the beep, promptly place the antenna side of the device facing downward. At this point, the device will reset, indicated by a series of beeps and the turning on of the EW, NET, and ERR LEDs.

5G IIOT GW render 5

The horizontal rotation of the device does not matter, but the indicated side must face down. It does not have to be perfectly horizontal; there is some leniency with the down angle. The rotations must occur quickly after the indication sounds (2~3 s). If the indication sound does not occur within ten seconds, the process has to be started again from the beginning. Note that a successful reboot resets the password back to the default.





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