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14. Backup & Load Configuration


Once the device configuration is finalized, creating a backup file to allow for simple reconfiguration in case of errors or to transfer the configuration to new devices is recommended. 

Backup configuration

The device configuration can be backed up under System -> Backup / Flash Firmware by pressing the Generate archive button. A tar.gz archive file containing the current configuration files will be downloaded to your browser’s default download folder.

Load configuration

Before loading a new configuration, it is recommended to perform a factory reset, as otherwise, some custom files (certificates, scripts) may remain on the device. Please ensure you know the new password and LAN / WAN configuration so you can connect to the device after the new configuration has been applied. A new configuration can be loaded under System -> Backup / Flash Firmware by pressing the Upload archive button and selecting a tar.gz configuration archive file in the file browser. A confirmation window will pop up if a valid configuration file is selected; press Continue to reboot the device and finish loading the new configuration. The selection of an invalid configuration file will be signified by an error message at the top of the page. 

man config

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